Have a learning disability and need software to assist you with your daily reading duties? Learn more about the top 10 best text to speech software that’s currently available.

What Is Free Online Text to Speech Converter?

Overall, text to speech technology is a special form of speech that converts the text in spoken voice output. In the beginning, TTS offered only computer-generated spoken voices that were read the text to users. Thanks to such giants as Google and Amazon, people can now use many of Online Text To Speech converters that provide realistic natural sounding voices, without any “robotic” sounds at all. Users can use such service for many different proposes, for example, Youtube video voiceover, DJ voice creation, Create voices for Games, Broadcast for business etc.


11 Best Text to Speech Software With Natural Voices

Text to Speech Software has gained recognition amongst the education and tech industry. Not only does it help provide reading opportunities for the disabled, but it uses modern technology to help convert text into an audio format that’s pleasing to the ears. Today, we review the top 10 best text to speech software in the market.



1. Naturaltts


  • Speech Synthesis Markup Language
  • 47 Natural Voices
  • Pitch and Voice Tuning
  • Broadcast for Business
  • Read Text Aloud


Naturaltts.com is an online TTS software that’s suited for readers with dyslexia to professional bloggers. It has 47+ premium voices available, making it easy to translate your text into your native language.

One feature that’s noticeable is its IVR voice generator. It allows you to use your IVR system with realistic voices. This makes it easier to produce a natural sound for your text, which helps users enhance their reading comprehension.

An additional advantage of using NaturalTTs is that it also supported by SSML. This means that customers can now customize and control aspects of speech such as pronunciation, volume, and speech rate.

Furthermore, Naturaltts provides customers with a simple and pretty functional user’s panel. You can easily track the remaining symbols statistic, use a specially developed built-in media player that allows customers to play their converted files online, so there is no need to download them first. Besides that, there is also a “files history”, so the users can play & download their previous converted files at any time.

Why should you use Naturaltts? It’s versatile enough to be used for learning, music, and broadcasting. In fact, musicians make mp3 samples for their next tracks. Thus, think about getting this software if you want to read more efficiently!

2. NoteVibes


  • Add Pauses in one click
  • Change Speed & Pitch
  • Emphasis and volume control
  • Save audio as MP3 or WAV
  • Up to 10 000 characters per conversion
  • Male & Female voices included
  • 177 natural sounding voices
  • Works in [English] and 18 other languages


Notevibes.com is one of the best online text to speech converter that is a great choice for most kinds of businesses. It also allows students and teachers to easily use it for the education process. Notevibes could be also implemented in web blogs to create professional podcasts.

As for the main service, Notevibes allows you to sign-up for free, personal, and commercial subscription plans. The free plan allows using 5,000 characters each month. The personal and commercial plans allow using 100,000 and 1M characters monthly. Paid pricing plans also provide the user with 177+ Premium Natural-sounding voices and more than 18 Languages.

Overall, Notevibes is a very affordable easy to use tool with many advanced features that allow their users to create a natural-sounding speech to different proposes.

3. Natural Reader


  • Saves eye strain
  • Saves time – listen while driving, enjoying nature, or exercising
  • Help writers improve while listening to the writing
  • Convert to MP3 or .WAV files
  • Easy to Use Interface


The Natural reader is the best text to mp3 software for students and teachers. Once downloaded, the tool can be used by simply copy and pasting text. NaturalReader can read out the text from a variety of online digital sources.

It has a simple free version that can read the text in a web browser, document, or email. In the paid versions, you can create sound files out of texts, as well as embedding the tool within the toolbar. So think about getting this software if you want to take your reading to the next level.

Other paid features such as OCR (Optical Character Reader) and spell checking conversation control. Natural Reader Cloud has instructions available on the developer’s website and has YouTube tutorials to help you get started.

Since Natural Reader is one of the best text to voice software available, students will find it easier to learn. While there are both desktop and mobile versions available, both free versions require Internet access for it to function.

4. OddCast


  • 25 available languages
  • 185 male and female voices
  • TTS Translator
  • API is available for developers
  • Strong emotive cues


OddCast is the top text to the audio system because of its versatility. It allows for text in English and other languages to be converted into spoken audio. With this software, you can use reverse-translation, making it easier for new users to learn a language.

OddCast has a suite of APIs that allows developers to add their tools to enterprise platforms to increase its engagements to their media. Its text-to-speech API allows developers to integrate their text to speech functionality to any mobile or web applications.

It’s API supports over 20 different language types including special audio effects and emotional cues and has a library over 185 voices. It works with dynamic web applications, supporting Javascript and Flash. Also, it allows for profanity tracking and admin reporting.

Overall, get OddCast if you want a text to speech software that’s reliable, versatile, and simple to use. Plus, it has APIs that are available to developers. So think about getting this software if you’re trying to become more effective in reading.

5. Text To Speech Demo


  • 30 Unique Voices
  • 10+ Different Languages
  • Vocal effects
  • Simple Interface
  • Copy/Paste text


Text to Speech Demo is a simple copy/paste TS application. To use it, simply paste in the text that you want to read aloud. With more than 30+ unique voices available, you can have your favorite texts in a normal and appealing sound.

Also, Text to Speech Demo gives users the ability to change vocal effects. You can use effects such as Reverb, Speed, Echo, and more to make a custom voice. By doing so, users can have their own customized reading experience that’s comfortable for them.

One thing about this device is its ease of use. Start by selecting from one of the 15+ language options in the top right. Then, you can pick the voice you want in relation to that. After pasting them in voice bar, the software will relay what you back to them. As a result, Text to Speech is a great app for those wanting to have better reading and learning opportunities despite their disabilities.

6. TTS Reader


  • Import and Edit text files
  • 20+ Languages Available
  • Reads by document length
  • Multiple voices to choose from
  • Change voice tone


TTS reader is one of the best text to speech software for children with learning disabilities. When viewing their website, you’ll be introduced to a page with a simple copy/paste bin. Paste in your desire to for it to be read out loud.

Another plus is the app’s compatibility with desktop and mobile devices. For instance, users can save their recordings via a Chrome extension and an Android application which is great for international students who are ready to learn. Thus, this app is great for users that want to take their reading lessons with them on the go.

Also, it contains over 20 different voices. Here, you can sign up for a free trial and still be able to improve your reading. We suggest using TTS Reader if you need some easy to use translation/ or who wants a better learning experience.

7. From Text to Speech


  • Simple Pastebin for text
  • No download required
  • Free application
  • 50,000 Character word limit


Are you looking for a simple free text to speech software that will aid you in reading? From Text to Speech has you covered. The application allows users to convert their text into an MP3 audio file and replay it on their computer or iPod.

This application is the best for first-time users. There’s no download or additional set up needed. Simply add the text into paste box, and watch it become converted into audio. Since it has a maximum space of 50,000 characters, it can read multiple paragraphs at once.

Also, it comes with varying text speeds (Slow to Very Fast) that the reader can adjust. This makes it easier for you to hear the text, which can help students read better. So think about getting this application if you want to have the best text to speech program at your fingertips.

8. Text 2 Speech


  • 6 Unique Voices
  • Simple Copy/Paste Text Bin
  • MP3 File recordings
  • 4,000 Maximum characters
  • 5 Voice Speed Settings


Text 2 Speech is a simple application that has multiple bells and trinkets behind it. For instance, users can paste their text, select one of the voices that are available, and listen or download the resulting MP3 file.

One of the features it has is its vocal speed adjustment. Users have 5 settings (Slower, slow, normal, fast, faster) available to choose from, making it easy to create a custom voice for their readings. As a result, the app is good for users who want to be in control of their reading experience.

But the features don’t stop there. Users can choose from over 6 different natural sounding voices to aid their reading. After a voice has been selected, you can download the file to receive an MP3 recording so you can reread your favorite text at any time.

9. iSpeech


  • Audio Capture in Multiple Formats
  • Automatic Transcription
  • 27 Languages in Natural Sounds
  • 3 Reading Speeds
  • Convert PDFs, Word documents, E-books to Speech


There are millions of people who have learning disabilities, nonnative speakers or have impaired visions. They rely on iSpeech to go online and access the information they need. For some users, having the best text to speech software with natural voices is necessary.

Next up is the iSpeech TTS software. It allows you to service your target audience by converting blog posts, web content, and documents into accessible content for an ever-increasing amount of internet users. Thus, this is a good choice for teachers with large student classes as it enables them to create audio recordings of the school’s text.

With iSpeech, developers, bloggers, website administrators, and content creators can communicate with a larger audience than they would in the past. For people with learning disabilities, this app has enough features to make learning easier and suited towards your reading level.

10. Readspeaker Voice Demo

ReadSpeaker logo


  • 20 Languages
  • 70+ Voices
  • 250 Maximum Character limit
  • Audio Capture


Readspeaker Voice Demo uses natural, human-like voices. There are over 20 languages and 70+ voices to choose from. Thus, it’s one of the best text to speech software due to its versatility and the high-quality voices that it provides.

Users also like the Readspeaker Voice Demo because of its ease of use. Once visiting the page, you’ll be prompted to insert text within the paste bin. It has a 250 maximum character limit, but this limit increases once you receive the purchased version.

You can use the Readspeaker Voice Demo for a myriad of applications. For instance, it can be used to monetize blogs, create podcasts, and increase your reach throughout multiple social media platform. Because of this, the voice demo is a powerful tool when reading text aloud and improving learning comprehension.

11. Readspeaker


  • Reads in 21 languages
  • Download as MP3
  • Adjustable Reading Speed
  • Highlighted Text While you Read
  • 20 Unique Voices


Readspeaker is the full version of the previous TTS software, and it has more features alongside it. In fact, Readspeaker’s team is attempting to use Deep Neural Networks to help map linguistic properties to acoustic features. This makes it easier to read the difficult text and have its output in audio format.

Another reason why Readspeaker is the best online text to speech is due to the quality of the voices. The voices can be tuned to read a text, applications, and devices and more. When reading the text, the voices sound natural, which makes it better for students with learning disabilities.

Need a software that can assist your reading ability? Then Readspeaker is the best choice. It has over 20 voices available, making it easy to have the text relayed into your native language. So think about getting this product if you want to make your learning experience fun and more efficient.



Now that we’ve reviewed the best text to speech voices applications, it can be hard to decide which one to choose. Our suggestion, Naturaltts. Start with Naturaltts as it has an easy to use the free feature and its premium feature gives you access to over 47 different languages at your disposal.

No matter which TTS software you choose, you’ll find it as an aid to your daily learning. When using it, translate the text into your desired language and read daily. Through using this software, you’ll get better at reading and can use its technology to your advantage.